Newly Released CLEODiTE TVCM!


【Color Your Dream】

Colors both Gray and Black hair Evenly!

The newly developed blend of dyes with moisturizing ingredients achieves a balance between gray and black hair. The dye molecules directly reach the core of the hair, resulting in a better penetration and color lock effect. The plant-derived squalene and jojoba oil in the formula can moisturize the hair and strengthen the protection of the hair quality, causing lesser hair damage. Specially added camellia & rosehip oils, allowing the color to be shinier. The hair exudes a charming fragrance after dyeing with the special floral-marine scent.

Newly designed for the hairline and gray hair, does not damage the hair easily! #cleodite #haircolor #haircolour #hairdye #hair #haircare #salondepro #dariya ―――――――――――――――――――

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